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  1. Dear James, Kirsty and Sarah,
    My sincerest heartfelt sorrow is felt as your own hearts must be breaking with the passing of Olivia. I just sat in my car crying whilst listening to the 106.3FM tribute to Olivia. What an amazing family you are…..amazing parents…..amazing sister and amidst the hearbreak my wish for you all is to go on living your lives to the fullest….knowing that you have done absolutely everything you could to love, support and heal Olivia. You have made her life worthwhile. It is you that made her such a strong little girl who defied the odds for as long as she could. It is your love and strength that reflected in her eyes. It is your undieing primal love for your children that will continue to shine as the brightest of beacons for all other parents. Having lost my little girl too…..I am so sorry for your loss. I send you my prayers of strength, love and compassion and pray for Olivia that her soul is at peace and is free from pain and free to joyfully play with the angels now. God Bless you all. Love, Madonna Barr

  2. Dear Lambert Family

    My love and thoughts to you all at this time. My Mum died of cancer so I know a little bit of the pain, but I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a beautiful child like your Olivia. My only thoughts are that she is no longer in pain and is looking down on you from heaven. Love The Rixon Family

  3. Kirsty, James and Sarah,
    My heart is aching for you all. I can’t imagine any words that could take the pain your feeling away, however you have raised such an amazing, beautiful & strong Ballerina and I hope she dances her way to heaven. Love, Prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. xx

  4. Dear Lambert Family,

    I am heart broken for you and your loss, What a beautiful little girl and beautiful family. I can feel the love just looking at your pictures. Love is all that matters and Olivia’s eyes were full of it. Sending love to you all.

  5. James, Kirsty & Sarah,

    Your beautiful girl was met by another beautiful angel as she soared high. You tried so hard to save Ollie, and she tried so hard to beat this beast. What I do know is that there is no more pain and Ollie is at peace now. I can’t find enough words of comfort right now but share your pain. Much love to you all and your extended family. Jude (always Kahlilla’s nan). xxxxx

  6. James, Kirsty & Sarah

    It’s hard to find the right words to express how shocked & sadened we feel hearing that your gorgeous Olivia lost her battle with Neuroblastoma. We only met her on a few ocassions but her charisma shone through for all to see.

    You are the most amazing parents who exhausted any & all facets of treatment that could possibly combat progression of the dreadful disease.

    Sending all our love & thoughts to you all during this incredibly difficult & traumatic time.

    Rest in peace Olivia. X

    Matt, Lynette, Josh & Dane x

  7. To the Lamberts
    We are so sorry to hear the sad news about Olivia. She fought so hard for so long,and you and all of Canberra were at her side the whole way.

    Your little angel is now no longer in any pain and can dance to her heart’s content, and hopefully the money you have raised for research will mean other families don’t have to go through all the pain that you and Olivia have for the past few years.

    Rest in peace Olivia

    Love Michelle & Lee

  8. I am so sad to read of Olivia’s passing. You moved Heaven and earth to try and save her and should be so, so proud of the quality and quantity of life she achieved. I hope she is now soaring high and pain free.

  9. James, Kirsty & Sarah,
    We are all so saddened at Ronald McDonald House in Randwick to hear of the loss of beautiful Oli. You have all fought so long and so hard, leaving no stone unturned. Your entire family has been a pleasure to get to know and have stay with us over the years. We are sending your family love and hugs and are thinking of you. Love from the staff, volunteers and families at Ronald McDonald House in Randwick xx

  10. To the Lamberts, our whole family is touched by your Olivia and your sad loss of her. Your and Olivia’s battle has touched so many people including us. All the strength and love with your most painful experience in your life. Love from McDermotts. xxoo Rest in peace Olivia.

  11. Dear James, Kirsty, Sarah and all who love Olivia,
    We are so deeply sorry to hear of Olivia passing. We will never forget her and when we think of her and all of you we will think of strength, bravery, love, dedication, beauty and courage.
    With love, from the Howarths.xoxo

  12. Dear James, Kirsty and Sarah,
    Have just seen your sad news. We are so very sorry to hear that your beautiful girl has passed away. She is with the angels now and can fly free. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time. May you take comfort in the beautiful memories that you have of Olivia and her inspirational journey.
    With Love Kathryn and Colin Upson (Perth)

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