Goodbye Our Beautiful Oli


Our beautiful Oli passed away last night after a courageous fight. 

Her spirit is now free to dance without the cancer that burdened her body.  She was an inspiration to us all and has left a huge hole in our hearts. 

Rest in Peace our Princess.  We love you forever! 


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Our Beautiful Oli”

  1. Dear James and Kirsty,

    As parents what you have done were so inspirational, Olivia will always know that. She is dancing happily now free of pain and smiling at you. She is all right; the greatest of guardian is looking after her now.

    Dear lovely Sarah,
    You are too amazing, dear. Stay brave as you are…

    Rest in peace Olivia.

  2. Olivia touched all our hearts with her smiles and bravery.

    Our love and prayers go out to all the family.

    Rest in peace Olivia

  3. Thinking of you all, James, Kirsty, Sarah and extended family and friends.

    We are so sorry to hear of Olivia’s passing on Tuesday night. Gone way too soon. We will all remember Olivia, her brightness and courageous fight for the last 6 years. We send you all strength to get through the coming days.

  4. I’m just at a loss to express my feelings ……Word, any words, just don’t seem to mean anything at a time like this, do they?

    I just want to hug you both……and want you to know that my thoughts have been with you for a very long time, and none more so than now.

    Dance on that rainbow, Olivia, dance…..

    Chris’s mum

  5. Dear Kirsty and James
    We are so very sorry to hear that Olivia lost her battle after such an unbelievable fight – you have all been amazing in doing every thing that you possibly could to get rid off this disease. We remember you well from SCH and understand sadly some of the huge loss and heart ache you now feel due to losing our little Sienna. We wish you strength and you are are very much in our thoughts.
    Lucy and Oliver

  6. Dear Kirsty, James and Sarah

    My heart aches for your loss, and I cannot begin to imagine your grief… you will all be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

    Rest in peace beautiful Olivia

    With love, Lesley (Tylers aunt)

  7. I was so sad to hear about this news as if she were my little girl.
    She has shown us her brave and optimism during the 6 years of fighting the deadly cancer, which even many adult patients were lack of.
    In Buddhism, we believe reincarnation. When she had experienced all her suffers, she would have a new life started as new human, being someone else’s baby again, or being promoted to heaven to enjoy the peacefulness and happiness. It might be a good thing for her as she finally released from pain and sufferring, though it’s a deeply sadness for all who loved her regardless her family or people never seen her before.

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