Monday 3rd November 2009

We went to Sea World today and met up with Mel, Sam and Mel’s sister’s family. We had a great day and the girls loved all of the rides as usual. Olivia was keen to try out the Pirate Ship again. We were a little concerned as on our last visit to Sea World, she seemed to get a little queasy and didn’t enjoy the ride as she had in the past. However, she was perfectly fine and went on it a couple of times. I don’t think I got the same enjoyment out of that ride as I felt a little green around the gills after just one go.

We also went on the Flume ride several times as it was the one ride the whole family could enjoy. Sarah absolutely loves it. I think we have another little adrenalin junkie on our hands.

Back at the apartment, I couldn’t find my phone. After James tried calling it, we assumed that I had lost it at Sea World and someone had found it and kept it. The phone didn’t ring and rather than going to through to my message bank, the message was that the mobile was not in service. I couldn’t remember losing it and was convinced I’d probably left it in the car. After a thorough search of the car (or so I thought), James and I realized that I probably wouldn’t be getting my phone back. I was so disappointed. I had some beautiful photos of the girls on there as well as all of my contacts, etc. It was a major inconvenience – I didn’t realize how much I depended on my phone. James reported my lost phone, cancelled the SIM and blacklisted the phone to prevent anyone from using or selling it.

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