Tuesday 4th November

We planned to go to Movie World today. We were originally going tomorrow but the weather forecast was not looking good. Unfortunately, our visit to Movie World was slightly delayed by our little scallywag, Sarah, who, attempted to apply her own sunscreen but instead applied it to the carpet. We were very unimpressed, especially since we had asked her on several occasions to leave the sunscreen alone. No amount of water and detergent could get out those stains so we spent the morning trying to track down a carpet cleaner. Much to our relief and $40 later, someone came around to clean the carpet while we headed off to Movie World.

When we arrived Oli and I headed straight over to the Roadrunner rollercoaster. She had a great time but mid-way through the ride, her bandana and hat flew off her head, revealing her little baldy head. You would think that no-one had ever seen a bald head before – boy, did she attract some stares. Luckily, we had brought a spare hat with us,   however, they had to stop the ride while one of the maintenance workers strolled around the rollercoaster grounds searching for Oli’s gear. He was taking so long, I began to wonder where it could have possibly gone. Perhaps it had blown on to a roof, in which case we would have no chance of getting them back.

In the end, James found it. It had blown out of the rollercoaster grounds and into some bushes next to another ride!

The weather wasn’t great and there were a couple of very light showers but it could’ve been worse. The girls had a great day, enjoying all of the rides. Sarah has really come out of her shell since her last visit to Movie World. We took her on the Roadrunner rollercoaster as she had just exceeded the 100cm height restriction. She absolutely loved it. She even let out a few excited screams while riding on it. Once she had the taste for that ride, it was hard to keep her off it. She kept saying, ‘I’m bave’(brave). However, she was still too scared to sit through the 4D Shrek movie so James took Olivia.

Oli and I each picked up a little cold in the last day or so. Nothing too bad, just annoying. The girls were pretty tired by the end of the day. By the time Oli went to bed, I thought that she was feeling a little warm but wasn’t overly concerned as her blood counts should be rising and a temperature would be very unusual at this stage of her treatment. I thought I would check her temperature before I went to bed.

At about 10.30, Olivia’s temperature was pushing the 38 degree mark (she has to go straight to hospital with temps above 38 degrees). James and I were hopeful that this would pass but knew it was likely she’d end up in hospital. James waited up to check her temp an hour later which was well and truly over 38. We then made arrangements to take Olivia to hospital. James took her to the Gold Coast Hospital.

James returned to our apartment at around 4am to tell me that there were no beds available at the hospital and that they would be transferred to Brisbane Hospital. What a nightmare!

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