Wednesday 4th February

After beginning the week with preparations for school, Olivia began her first day of kindergarten at Burgmann Anglican School, at the new Forde campus. We had a last minute offer of a place for her at the very end of last year. We were happy with the school she was enrolled in so it was a difficult decision as we weren’t planning on sending her to Burgmann until she finished primary school. We decided to send her to Burgmann as I was inspired by their orientation day. The staff were so passionate and it had good community feel to it. I knew that we would be well supported by the school should we face anymore problems this year.

Olivia had to wear her sports uniform for her first day as it was officially a PE day. She was so proud to wear her uniform – it was very cute. She was so excited!

On arriving at school, James, Sarah and I spent some time with Olivia doing puzzles. James soon left to take Sarah to gymnastics while I stayed on for the parent morning tea. 

There were very few facilities at the school apart from the classrooms and toilets. The playground hadn’t even been built. It looked as though there is still a lot of work ahead. I must admit it was a bit of a dustbowl. Nevertheless, the classrooms looked good and very spacious, and the teaching staff seemed lovely.

The first day of school was a short one and I picked her up at one o’clock. Olivia’s usual hours are from 8.40am until 3.15pm so she has some long days ahead of her.

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