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9 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. (64) Cathy Koch
    Hi Kirsty – Just wonering how things are going as you weren’t at the Kid’s Cancer Update in Canberra today and you were missed. Thinking of you all.

    (63) Melanie, Brooke, Taylor, Jack
    To the bravest little girl Olivia. What an amazing family you have! We wish you all the best and hope the future holds many more holidays, fairy magic and fun with family and friends.
    All the best xxxx

    (62) Ruth Davis
    Hi Kirsty, Olivia and family,
    Im so pleased to hear that you are both doing well. I hope that your days ahead remain happy and full of fun. Take care, much Love Ruth, Glenn, Joshua and Harry Davis xx

    (61) Trudy Kirk
    Thank you for starting this site and sharing your story. One of the girls in our mums group has just been diagnosed with nueroblastoma. She is 15 months old. I was searching the net for info on this cancer when I came across your site. I wish you all the best and hope Olivia keeps fighting this for many years to come

    (60) Alyssa Broomby
    I Miss My Little Dancing Princess!
    Im more and more inspired by you everyday!!!

    Love You Livie girl xoxoxox

    (59) Jude Donahoo
    Hi Olivia and family,
    So good to read your latest blog, such excellent news!! We are good, but missing our little princess more every day. We have just set up our new foundation to fight NB. It is called YAMS Foundation (You Are My Sunshine Foundation), Kahlilla’s favourite song. Would you please allow us to use a picture of Olivia on our web page. We would like to include as many Aussie NB kids as possible. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Big hug to Olivia.

    Jude Donahoo (always Kahlilla’s nan)
    Homepage : http://www.kahlilla,com

    (58) Jude Donahoo
    Hi Olivia,

    Just wondering how you are going sweetheart. We think about your journey often and hope and pray that you are continuing to fight this monster.

    Your beautiful smile is an inspiration.

    Much love to you and your family Olivia.

    Jude Donahoo
    Always Kahlilla’s nan
    Homepage : http://www.kahlilla,com

    (57) Alyssa Broomby
    My Gosh i have goosebumps ALREADY.
    To dear the Lamnbert Family & My little dancing fairy, Olivia, You are my most favorite little dancer!!!
    I only taught you a couple of times, but GEEEEZ you blew me away … The first time i tought u… when u gave me the biggest squishiest cuddliest cuddle … you stole my heart and were the topic of my life and still to this day everyone knows about you 🙂
    Your famous in the life of Alyssa. I didnt know you were sick until you stopped dancing … what does that tell u … youre pretty amazing little angel. Sometimes you even ran my dance class huh remember that 🙂 … i loved it! When i own my own dance school … youre going to come and teach for me arent u 🙂 hehe …
    I miss your smiley face beautiful girl.
    I think about you an awful lot.
    I miss your mummys most encouraging and motivating words. But i have them all written down. This is what kirsty said to me 🙂
    and guess what Kirsty … some of what u said has got me to hollywood. I should be taking off later this year to dance in disney land, universl studios and lots of other fun places as well as doing some video clip work aswell …
    Id take livie if i could 🙂 … So thankyou, from the bottom of my heart! xo
    Im not teaching for Dynamic since July last yr, im now at canberra’s newest dance school in Phillp “Universal Dance Academy” teaching jazz and hip hop … and the babies of course 🙂

    I Hope youre all doing well. Id love for Livie and Sarah to come dance with me one day soon. And i would absolutly love livie to come and teach a class with me, shes a little professional … Im too lucky to have witnessed the day she took over my class HAHAHAHAHA ahhhhh that was hilarious 🙂 … Never the less… did a great job 🙂

    I miss seeing you around.
    Youve inspired me so much.
    I cry for you you … and i laugh for you!
    Im so proud of everything youve gone through.
    Youve stamped a permanant spot in my heart Lambert Family!
    I absolutly dance my heart out for Olivia. Shes being my most inspiring student to date. Not because of what shes been through, but because of she is who she is. You get Olivia weather you like it or not! Its unreal! I cant even put it in to words… im not sure how to … im just 100% touched!
    Ive tried my hardest to contact you since i left Dynamic. I would love to do a 24 hour dance-a-thon for Liv and you one day 🙂

    My number is 0405269984 …
    I love you! and i miss you!
    And i wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

    Alyssa xo

    (56) Kim Moore
    Our love and thoughts to little Olivia. Wonderful to read that her results are currently clear. My 9 year old nephew Luke diagnosed stage 4 NB in Oct 06 is currently battling refractory neuroblastoma. I have therefore witnessed firsthand what you are all going through -watching the pain my brother and his wife are going through is the the most heartbreaking experience. Little Olivia will always be in our thoughts – Go Olivia! x

    (55) Melissa & Terry
    Hi guys,

    Heard you were in Sydney for routine scans. Thinking of you always – especially now & hoping that the results are still clear.

    Take care,
    Love Mel, Terry, Ash, Tyler & Hayden
    Homepage : Anabella Sebbens
    Hi Olivia,
    We saw your mum & Sarah last week at the shops and they said you were at big school now! Hope it’s lots of fun. I can’t wait til I’m a big girl, just like you.
    Mum read your blog and got all teary. Thanks to your mum & dad for sharing your special story.
    Hope you’re having fun.
    Love Anabella.
    Homepage :

    (53) Imogen Wills
    Hi, firstly I would like to say hi and that you guys are incredibly brave and doing a wonderful job with your little girl. Secondly, I was wondering if it would be possible to talk with you both – our 4 year old son Ben was diagnosed last year with a rare brain stem tumour that is inoperable and largely untreatable…..I know you are all still going through a really tough time but we would like to do some things for Benny and well, I’d love to talk to you if you have the time.
    Cheers and all the best.

    (52) Melissa & Terry
    Hi guys,
    Great to see you have a guestbook. Also great to hear the news you got just before Christmas – I imagine you all had a wonderful Christmas. Hope that all is continuing to stay well. Keep up the good work Oli!!
    Hope you’re all good & that we can catch up soon. Tyler is going well & loves preschool. Last scans came back good. : )
    Homepage :

    (51) Angela Lawrence/Uncle Tom
    We may be far apart but you are all often in our thoughts and prayers. With Love

    (50) Trudy Wynne
    Hi guys, hoping that Oli is having a great first few days at Kindy. It’s hard to believe that all the cherubs are now at big school! Thinking of you all, love Trudy, Illya & Blake xx

    (49) Natalie Russell
    Hi Olivia and family, Our daughter Bronte is fighting NB too. She has stable disease but not NED. We have been following your story and are good friends with Kahlillas (RIP little darling) Mum and Dad. Hope you are keeping well. Love the Russell family xx
    Homepage :

    (48) Elaine Tjoelker
    You don’t know us, but we have lived in the world of Neuroblastoma ever since our good friend, Erin Buenger, was diagnosed six and a half years ago. Her mother said that there was a visitor to her website in Canberra and through a little googling we came across your website. We would love to know how Olivia is doing and will keep checking the website. Thank you for letting us in to your lives. Our hearts go out to you. Elaine

    (47) Kirsty Lambert
    Happy 5th birthday gorgeous girl. We know you’re going to have many more. May all of your birthday wishes come true. We love you so much and we couldn’t be more proud of you. You are such a beautiful and courageous little girl. Keep on fighting and kick it in the butt, girl! All our love, Mummy, Daddy and Sarah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    PS Have a great fairy and pirate party on Saturday!
    Homepage :

    (46) Emilia Rossi
    Hope Olivia made good use of her lovely Man Bag during her Christmas break and filled it will all of her goodies.
    Homepage :

    (45) Claudine Allan
    I watched your beautiful family on 60 minutes and continue to read the updates on how you angel is going. My best friends daughter, my God daughter ,has cancer, she is 7 and has the same doctor as you. My heart goes out to every member of your family. You are all amazing people and the only words I can say to you is that I pray for your heaven angel every day in my prayers. May God always watch over her, she is simply beautiful.
    My deepest thoughts to you all
    Claudine Allan

    (44) Lucy and Oliver – Sienna’s par
    Wishing Olivia has the best possible results with her scans and that you all have a very special Christmas. All the very best for 2009 and onwards.

    (43) Sophie Iliopoulos
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the hospital on Friday and seeing your beautiful angel Olivia. I hope you have a merry XMAS and a happy new year with joy, happiness and health.

    God will help us get through this terrible situation we are in.

    (42) Karen & Peter Curtis – Canberr
    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with all your wishes.
    With lots of love
    PS Hope you are still enjoying your fairy garden?
    Homepage :

    (41) Carolene & David Smith
    We are Leah’s mum and dad (Romy’s friend), we hope Olivia is doing well and hope Christmas brings her all the joy she deserves.

    (40) Romy, Trent, Alex and Christia
    Hello Cousins – We cannot wait to arrive in Canberra next week and see your smiling faces and give you a big hug.

    All our Love
    Romy, Trent, Alex and Christian

    (39) David Blanco.
    Hi Kirsty.
    Do you remember me? Would you like to have coffee sometime?
    I hope that you are well and that you and your family have a great xmas. I wish you and Olivia all the very best. Please email me as I would love to touch base again. David B

    (38) thea bernhardt and Izaak Ostro
    I just want to let Olivia know that she is a very brave young girl and has a very brave mummy too. I am in hospital with my three year old son Izaak, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in late July 2008, we have just finished cycle 4 and this week into collecting and harvesting his stem cells. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless You.
    We can fight this off! xx

    (37) thea
    My 3 year old son is fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma at the brisbane royal childrens hospital.
    Homepage : http://neuroblastoma

    (3) Zachary, Grace, Wayne and Lyn
    Hi Olivia,
    You and your family are always in our thoughts. You are an inspiration! We hope you enjoyed the race day yesterday. Big hugs and kisses.

    (2) Madison, Noah and Deborah Layt
    Hi Oli, We hope you ‘Kick it in the butt’. We miss you and will see you at the races. All our love, Hugs and Kisses, Madison and Noah

  2. Just checking out the website and to see how Olivia’s doing. You have done an amazing job! Hope to see you on the 14th. Simon & Carolyn

  3. Hi Olivia & family, I was so deeply moved after seeing your story on 7 news tonight. What a beautiful, vivacious and inspiring girl Olivia is! I wish you all the best and hope the treatment in germany works its magic. You will be in my thoughts. debbie xox

  4. To lovely Olivia,
    we’re so sad to hear that you are sick. We think of you every day and hope with all our hearts that you will get better. You truly are amazing and very, very brave. xox
    Thank you all for sharing your inspirational journey with us.
    love, Gill, Antony, Isabelle and Evan xx

  5. Hi Olivia. You dont know us but when we saw your story on the news last night you touched our hearts very much. We have made a small contribuiton to help your Mum and Dad help you. We wish you all the best. Fil, Tammy, Kiara, Lupi (our puppy)

  6. Hi Olivia
    I miss you so much. When I got home and tell my mummy and daddy about you being sick, they checked the website and read your story to me. My parents got very teary, and we want to do something to help raise money so that you can get good treatment in Germany. I asked my parents if our company “Majestic Mushrooms” can sell mushrooms at the Farmers’ Market for the next month and raise money for you. They happily agreed with me, and I’m going to work very hard to raise lots of money for you. Love from your classmate, Jacinta Chu.

  7. Dear Lambert Family
    I dont know if anyone has sugested that you try Jim Humble’s MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). I remember seeing you have given Olivia some treatment for Malaria with a bit of success I will forward you a copy of his book & DVD and solution to you asap i you want. I know it is not Malaria Olivia has but this mans solution has aided in ridding the body of pathogens etc which causes Malaria and dont see why it shouldnt help. Please could you contact me on 0450 927 436 or ah 07 3829 0100 so as I can forward these on to you. Hoping to help Olivia L Weller.

  8. Hi Olivia,

    Just letting you know that last week at the Farmer’s Market, I raised $431.20 from contributions made by our valued customers. Majestic Mushrooms will match whatever the customers contribute every week. We still have three weeks to go before the end of August. Wish me luck as I try to raise more money for you.

    Your class friend,
    Jacinta Chu.

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