Olivia’s Relapse!

Name: James Lambert – Help Olivia Appeal

We have been devastated to recently find out that Olivia has relapsed again in her femur (leg) and bone marrow, and have now commenced a desperate fight to save her life!

As it is now evident that previous front line chemotherapy has not cured her, we really only have the option of palliative chemo in Australia.  We are not prepared to give up on our beautiful girl and have been searching the internet for treatment that will give her the best chance of survival.  We have found an antibody treatment in Germany that is showing promising results and we expect to relocate our family to in late August, after Olivia has completed one round of chemotherapy in Sydney.

Unlike chemotherapy, the antibody treatment only targets the cancerous cells.  Instead of poisoning the cells, it just puts a marker on the cancer cells that triggers the body’s own immune system to destroy the rogue cells, in a similar manner to how it fights off an everyday infection.  We believe that this has the potential to be the biggest development in Neuroblastoma treatment in the last decade.

The antibody treatment and living expenses in Germany are expected to cost between $250,000 to $300,000.  If Olivia’s condition is deemed to have deteriorated upon arrival in Germany, she may also require a stronger course of chemotherapy prior to starting the antibody treatment.  This could easily see the cost double – though we will do whatever it takes to give our girl the best chance of survival.

In order to minimize the financial strain on our own families, we have embarked on a public fundraising drive.   Donations will be gratefully accepted into the following account:  

 Account Name:   Olivia Lambert Foundation

 BSB:  062913

 ACC:  10751806

 We are also holding a fundraising dinner for Olivia at the Hellenic Club on 11th Sept 10.  There will be fabulous food, entertainment, an auction and Peter Overton as guest speaker.  Tickets will be on sale from 2nd Aug and can be purchased from the Help Olivia website (www.helpolivia.org.au), using the link below.We would like to take this opportunity to pass on our deepest heartfelt thanks to all our family and friends for their love and very generous support, as well as to the public for their generosity.

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  1. Hi James

    I saw Olivias story on the 7 news tonight and it has really touched my heart. Im wanting to set up a page on facebook and run an auction to help raise funds for Olivia. To do this I need a letter of Authority from you and even a contact from Channel 7 to help verify the authenticity of what Im doing for your family. I in no way want to profit from this I just want to help your family. My idea with the auction is to get all money raised to be deposited into your account. and all businesses to post all item direct to the winner.

    I can get this set up as soon as I get the letter of authority from you. Unfortunately ther has been some fake auctions goin around, so for this to work to highest I need Channel 7 to be on board some how. I have never done this before, so maybe if you speak with them 1st and then I will ( and recruit some friends ) do the rest, with mybe a little help from you.

    I also thought of ringing direct to some major companies like Good Guys, Harvey norman, Wizard home loans and a few more I will look into to get get cash donations.

    Please let me know what you think about this idea.

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

    Look forward from hearing from you very soon

    Lots of love and best wishes

  2. Hi Lambert Family,
    What a beautiful website, you have for your lovely and brave girl Olivia. We remember watching you all on 60 minutes a few years ago. At that time our daughter Imogen was well, had completed her treatment for Neuroblastoma stage 3, flash forward to now, and in that time Imogen relapsed twice and then passed away this year in May.

    We have donated to your mission to German to find the one thing we all want for our children a healthy and happy and future. Even though we now do not have our girl by our side physically we still hope and pray for a future where Neuroblastoma’s treatment and cure rates improve immensely.

    We will continue to send you love, positive thoughts, prayers for your biggest wish, a healthy and happy Olivia forever,

    Love and Hugs

    The Holmes Gang
    Fiona, Jason, Kody, Imogen and Ashton xxxxx ooooo

  3. Hi there. You all don’t know me either, but my heart goes out to you 4. I am mother to 3 beautiful healthy children and feel so blessed to be living my life. Last year my girlfriend’s son, Cooper Reichelt, was diagnosed with neuroblatoma. He is in remission now and still having 3 monthly check-ups. Together with a group of girlfriends, we held a fundraising events and raised a few thousand dollars. I would like to try and get some of those same people to donate goods for your events in September. I myself make childrens clothes and have many friends in the ‘industry’. I am thinking of just collecting as many cool toys/clothes/gifts etc etc for you and posting to you, for your fundraising night. Would this suit you? Along the way I am also encouraging friends to donate money into your account. Our love, prayers and hope to goes to all of you at this time.

  4. Dear Lambert Family,

    We watched Olivias story on 7 news the other night.
    We want to send you all our love, best wishes and prayers for a successful outcome when you travel to Germany. Olivia is such a gorgeous, brave and inspiring little girl, we were all deeply touched by her spirit. We wanted to help so everyone in our family from youngest to oldest have raided their piggy banks and cheque accounts. We are thinking about other ways to raise money asap..
    Hugs too for Mum and Dad.

    love Maia, Kelly,Matt,Sandy and Saffy the dogxxx

  5. Dear Lambert Family,
    I remember seeing your story on sixty minutes a couple of years ago. When I heard about your story at this time – it broke my heart. I am a mother of 2 young boys and I know as a parent you want to do everything possible for them. I cannot even begin to imagine what your family is going through. One of the ladies that runs our Cafe at school (Christina) is collecting money for donations from our staff and college students. Apparently her daughter knows Olivia. We have put flyers up about silly socks day around the school, and Christina has put collection buckets at the counter of the Cafe and also the Front Office. You have set up an amazing website for your daughter, she is such a beautiful little girl. We will also put flyers up about the function at the Helenic Club. I have sent an email around to staff at our school and also asked them to pass it on. In addition to this I have emailed links to your website and also flyers to my husband who works for the AFP.

  6. Hi James and Kirsty, the beautiful Oli and Miss Sarah,

    I am so very sorry to read that your angel has fallen ill again. I have often driven by and wondered how she was going. She was off to school the last time I saw you all.

    I have added the link to my Facebook Business and Personal page and am begging people to get donating. I have donated and will continue to as the weeks come.
    I’m sending you all the biggest hugs and if I can help in any small way please let me know.

    angels to you all
    Lana xxx

  7. Hi James,
    Have you considered Sutherlandia OPC – it is a radical treatment for stubborn cancers – website – http://www.sutherlandiaopc.com/.

    Also I have an infrared sauna, it heats the body up and helps to stimulate the immune system. If you want to try it send me an email and you come and use it as often as you like.



  8. Hello Lambert family
    I am very sorry to hear of your situtation, and as a result i have decided to have a silly socks day at my school, Asquith Girls High. I am a prefect there and my family also have a history with cancer, i had a sister who died of Leukemia when she was 5 months old. Your story has touched our family and the teachers at my school have been great to see this as a great cause and have decided to start the fundraiser. We will be wearing silly socks on the 27th of August (we already have a fundraiser on the 20th) with our school uniform to raise money. i will let you know how the event goes once its finished and i would love to know how the fundraising is going, so please email me.

    Good luck with everything xx

  9. Hi Lambert family
    We are very sorry to hear of your trouble. We had silly socks day at our school today. The kids got right into the spirit of it and we put the money in your account this afternoon. Every bit helps and we hope you reach your target really quickly. We are thinking of you and hope that your venture overseas is rewarding.
    Good Luck
    Yass Public School

  10. Hi Olivia and family,

    You are all constantly in our thoughts as you travel this journey together. Live and love every moment …. Olivia is one fabulous and brave little girl …. we are very proud of you Miss Olivia. Did you know that a beautiful little angel called Kahlilla is watching over you and sprinkling healing your way … just reach out and it will be there.

    Love to all.

    Jude Donahoo

  11. Hi Olivia and family,

    I hope you are getting good treatment in Germany. I worked very hard to collect money from our customers at the Farmers Market and together with my parent’s business, Majestic Mushrooms, we raised a total of $2338.30. We donated this at the fundraising dinner.

    We all miss you at school and are praying for your healthy return soon.

    Love from your classmate,
    Jacinta Chu.

  12. Hi you guys,

    How are you going??? The Flynn family is thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way.
    Take care. Lots of love,
    Jeremy, Kate and co.

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