Thank You everyone.

James, Olivia, Sarah and I would like to pass on our deepest heartfelt thanks to our families, friends and the wider community for their kindness and very generous support of our family.  We feel incredibly humbled and grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people.  It’s truly overwhelming.

We have decided to take Olivia to Germany sooner than first planned.  We were concerned that if we waited and her condition deteriorated then the treatment in Germany may only offer her little benefit.  It is something we had been agonising over for weeks and we desperately wanted to get Olivia the treatment she needs.  We will now be departing on Wednesday, 25 August.

We are disappointed and sorry that we are unable to attend the fundraising dinner at the Hellenic Club but would like everyone to know how much we appreciate the amazing support we have received from the Canberra community.  We thank you with all our hearts!

3 thoughts on “Thank You everyone.”

  1. Hello! I’m been reading your comments with heartfelt interest. This is a very confronting illness which we got to know extremely well thanks to our dear son Christopher having the same many years ago.It’s great that you have some hope to work with and we wish you all the very best with your journey to Germany.

  2. Dear Kirsty, James, Oli and Sarah,

    I’ve been thinking of you all since I last saw you at Oli’s going away party. Hope you have been receiving my fairy kisses and blessings! We are now living in Adelaide and I was thinking about you today while I was face painting in the Starlight Express Room at the WCH. Just wanted to send you all some love and hugs, and let you know that I could never forget any of you. I’ll be visiting Canberra over Easter, so may see you around!

    Lots of love
    Nessa the Fairy

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