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In order to minimize the financial strain on our own families, we have embarked on a public fundraising drive.   With effect 12 August 2010, the “Olivia Lambert Foundation” was established as a registered charity to accept donations.   At the present time, the foundation does not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsement from the Australian Taxation Office; however, an application for endorsement is with the ATO.    Donations to the foundation will be gratefully accepted into the following account:   

Account Name:   Olivia Lambert Foundation

BSB:  062913

ACC:  10751806

Should the foundation receive DGR endorsement, gifts and contributions will be tax deductible.    Most likely this endorsement will date from 12 August 2010, the date of establishment of the Olivia Lambert Foundation.     So if you wish to have your donation to the account receipted, please send an email to  detailing the donated amount, date of donation and transaction description.


4 thoughts on “Please Help”

  1. Hi Lambert Family,
    I feel your pain and I just wanted to let you know that St Michael’s Primary School raised $1070 for a non uniform day last Friday, the money has been banked into your account.
    I wish you all the best on your next journey in life.
    Lisa Monro

  2. Im only 10 but i feel the compassion =(
    anyway our school held a crazy hat and socks day for Olivia.
    And my mummy works in a plzce called Baxter Pharmency and her manager loves to donate. She might want to make a fun risier for you.
    any way.. i hope good luck for Olivia!

  3. Hi Olivia and Lambert Family
    Just want to let you know that Airservices Australia (Safety and Environment Group) raised $884 on Friday (Silly Sock Day). The money has been banked into your account. We wish you all the best!
    Best wishes
    Ana Thomson

  4. Hi Kirsty, James, Olivia and Sarah,

    It’s been some time now since we have had the pleasure of being with you folks. As you will recall, you had only recently married (we attended your beautiful wedding) when we last saw you downunder.

    We have remained in-touch with Kirsty’s folks, and Dick informed us of Olivia’s latest relapse and your decision to take her to Germany for treatment. God bless you and your family for doing everything and anything that you can to provide brave little Olivia the only/best chance of survival available…and, God bless all those who have and continue to support your efforts. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.

    As you know, I’m sure, Kirsty’s folks will come through here enroute to getting together with you folks in Germany for Christmas…and, to see Bec in the UK. They will be here Dec 7 – Dec 12. We have some good times planned for them while they are here. 🙂

    Again, you remain in our daily thoughts and prayers…above all, we pray for Olivia’s complete and total recovery. God bless!


    Jerry and Arlene Osburnsen

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