Please pray for our beautiful girl

Just a quick update to let people know that Olivia’s health has significantly deteriorated over the last week and that she is currently fighing for her life. 

She is so strong that it wasn’t until the disease had taken over most of her body that she finally started to complain.  She is currently in Clare Holland House, where they are trying to control her pain.  Please pray for our beautiful girl.

15 thoughts on “Please pray for our beautiful girl”

  1. Dear James Kirsty Olivia and Sarah

    Im so sorry to read this news of your beautiful Olivia, my family is sending love and strength at this difficult time.

    Love always

    Priest family

  2. Dear Beautiful Olivia and Lambert Family,
    You gave us much hope for our Imogen when we had so very little. Olivia you are an inspiration to all, your fight has been amazing, you have not been beaten by this horrible disease, it is just sadly time for you to rest. Our whole heart goes out to you Kirsty, James and Sarah and extended family.
    Much Love
    The Holmes Gang x

  3. We are thinking of you always, sending you all our love. So beautiful and brave Miss Olivia. Love from the Ion Family

  4. Dear James Kirsty Olivia & Sarah

    We are deeply saddened by this news and our hearts, prayers and thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Your family is such an inspiration. We send much love and strength.

    The Ludski Family xxx

  5. Dear James, Kirsty, Olivia, Sarah… and extended family

    My heart goes out to all of you, I was so very saddened when Melissa told me the news.

    I agree with the Ludski family, your family is such an inspiration.

    You are in my prayers little Olivia xxx Sending you all strength at this time.

    love, Lesley (Tyler’s aunt)

  6. Dear James Kirsty Olivia and Sarah we are so very sorry to hear that Olivia is now so very ill – we have totally admired your constant fight to find a cure for Olivia and we very sadly understand your current feelings through losing our own little Sienna – we remember you and Olivia very well from C2 North and Olivia is a very special little girl. Our hearts go out to you Lucy, Oliver, Jamie and Sienna xx

  7. Dear James, Kirsty, Olivia and Sarah
    My 9 year old daughter Isabella has been following Olivia’s condition for the past few years and has been active in fund raising for her at her school. Isabella is devastated to hear of Olivia’s regression.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in this difficult time.

    Natalie xx

  8. Anne And Bill

    Our thoughts are with you all and pray for peace as you cuddle and sit with beautiful Olivia. You are a amazing mum and dad Kirsty and James and Sarah you are a beautiful sister. love and hugs Anne and Bill

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